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Why You Should Integrate Online Marketing and Direct Mail

18-May-2014 05:30 PM

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It would be great if online marketing—websites, pay-per-click, email, etc.—were all you needed to get the most out of your business's marketing plan, but that just isn't the case. Could you make it work? Sure. But you'd be leaving money on the table—money that could be brought in, say, with a strategic postcard campaign.

Deliver magazine recently published a statistic: Customers who received a printed catalog spent more meaningful time on the company's website and purchased 28% more on average than customers who did not receive a catalog. And that held for every age category.

So, when people say the Internet and social media have made direct mail obsolete, I can't help but strongly disagree. Though not a silver bullet, a direct mail campaign that's strategically and consistently applied will deliver results.

The truth is that to have the most effective marketing strategy possible, you will need direct mail and online marketing working in tandem. A successful direct mail marketing campaign drives traffic to your website or landing page, where you prompt prospects to fill out a form, thus capturing a lead. But if you are using only online marketing like pay-per-click advertising, you may have a prospect's attention only for a split second before they click on your competitor's ad.